Garden of the Gods (GOTG) was started in 2010 by Neith Sais and Athena Olympia.  GOTG is a corporation that is made up of experienced pilots who enjoy many aspects of Eve.  Our pilots span playing experience from 1 year to 6+ years.  We pride ourselves on working as a team.  Our members enjoy helping one another with the game mechanics to enhance our game experience. 

We primarily enjoy pvp’ing in small gangs.  Most of our members have both large and small gang warfare experience.  We have experienced pilots and FC’s who enjoy taking out planned and impromptu roams.

We offer our pilots isk making opportunities via Trade Investment Opportunities, Corporate Buy Back Programs, and much more.

Our long-term goal in Eve is to build our empire in the unsecured regions of space.  We will continue to be competitive force militarily and economically against other corporations in Eve.

Our short-term goal, is to grow the organization.  We are building deep leadership and provide focus for individual play styles.  This approach will provide plenty of leadership opportunities as we grow.