Garden of the Gods (GOTG) recruitment is OPEN. 

Why Garden of the Gods?

Are you looking for a corporation where you can have fun & learn all the ins and outs of Eve in a friendly and trusting environment?  Do you want to join a corporation where combined-ops, whether mining or missions or 0.0 raids, is a regular occurrence?

Our membership consists of players with 6+ years to a year experience. We welcome all time zones and types of play with one exception - no piracy or griefing. Our leadership team is dynamic and comprised of a variety of pilots dedicated to enhancing the Eve Online experience.

What are the Gods looking for?

We are looking for players - new or old - looking to contribute in these areas:

  •  PVP / PVP Training
  •  Mining/Manufacturing/Logistics

We provide:

  •  Regular corporation sponsored activities
  •  Corporation sponsored programs
  •  Assist you in becoming self sufficient in your career field

Whatever you want to do in EvE, we can help you get there.

In order to join our corporation, we need you to:

  • Have a mature, friendly attitude
  • Be friendly, helpful and tolerant
  • Be a team player
  • Preferably be an English speaker 
  • Have Mumble
  • Either be established in a career field or know what you want to do

Talk to a recruiter for minimum skill points required - we do not consider Trial Accounts.

Application Process:

  • Talk to a recruiter in GOTG.
  • Fill out an application on our forums.
  • We will do a background check – a recruiter will tell you what is needed for that.
  • You will be given an interview.
  • Decision will be made.

Note: Please do not submit an in game application until we have confirmed you are approved.

If you are not sure or would like to get to know us better we welcome you to join us on an op.